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2020 Tryouts

Click on the link below to register for 2020 Tryouts

Frequently Asked Questions- 2020-2021 Season


I already registered for 2020-2021 season tryouts.  Do I have to register again given the elimination of tryouts?

No.  If you already registered- you are all set.   The registration funds will be applied towards this upcoming season’s tuition. 


If I register for tryouts, am I guaranteed a spot on a team?
We try our best never to cut a player that wishes to skate with the Brick Hockey Club. We are proud of that and want to continue our history of minimal player cuts.


What if I am selected for a team that I do not wish to play on?

We aim to place every registered player to a team.  However, the player may not be selected for the specific team that they want.  (For example: A player may want to skate at a higher-level team than selected.)  We shall reimburse the tryout registration fee provided the player does not sign with a competing Tier II organization. 


How will players be selected to teams?
Our Coaches and Hockey Director will be meeting to discuss every registered player and select those players to specific teams.

Can players that are new to the Brick Hockey Club be selected for teams?
Yes. Our Coaches and Hockey Director are familiar with all of the players in the area.   If needed, they will conduct their due diligence by utilizing a vast network of contacts that will most accurately assess a player’s appropriate competitive level.

Will players be notified what team they were selected for prior to the contract signing?
Yes.  Rosters will be published via electronic communication before contracts are signed. 


Will families be required to pay their tuition in full on 6/11?
No.  We will still have three payment options available for families to choose from.


Are there any changes to the 2020-2021 tuition? 

At this time, there are no changes to the published tuition.  We are closely monitoring the U18 and U16 Midget levels, which may or may not be impacted.  As information evolves, additional updates shall be communicated. 

What if the season is postponed or delayed?  Will families receive a refund for the registration and tuition fees?
Yes. The Executive Board will continue to monitor circumstances and are prepared to make further adjustments should the need arise - including issuing refunds for any part of the season that cannot be completed. 


What if the COVID-19 pandemic causes a financial hardship?  Will a full refund be issued?

Yes.  As AAHA guidelines indicate, anyone withdrawing by July 31, 2020 due to a COVID-19 hardship will receive a full refund

U10 Squirts - 2010 & 2011 Birth Year players

2020/2021 Squirt Coaches:

Peter Herms, Rickey Amato, Justin Douma, Chris Blackburn, Lacey Majors

2020/2021 Squirt Fees*: Skater - $3200; Goaltender - $1900


U12 PeeWees - 2008 & 2009 Birth Year players

2020/2021 PeeWee Coaches:

Dan Acropolis, Brian Barnfield, Lacey Majors, Dan Krapf

2020/2021 PeeWee Fees*: Skater - $3500; Goaltender - $2100



U14 Bantams - 2006 & 2007 Birth Year players

2020/2021 Bantam Coaches:

Dan Acropolis, Chris Rudo, Mike Ryan, Tom Brower

2019/2020 Bantam Fees*: Skater - $3500; Goaltender - $2100


U16 Midgets - 2004 & 2005 Birth Year players

2020/2021 16U Coaches:

Joe LaBianca, Tom O'Rourke, Dan Rozell, Ryan Colwell

2020/2021 16U Fees*: Skater - $2700; Goaltender - $1600


U18 Midgets - 2002 & 2003 Birth Year players

2020/2021 18U Coaches:

Carter Lee, Anthony Zipfel, Brian Murphy, Carter Klotz

2020/2021 18U Fees*:  Skater - $2700; Goaltender - $1600



*All fees listed reflect a cash discount fee